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Sunday, June 21, 2009

this funny feeling.

well... first off Happy Father's Day, there actually are some good dads out there in the world. BIG UPs to you.

Its 12:41 AM early Sunday Morning, I guess I should be out being as though its the weekend in all, but Im stuck indoors. Im sitting here and I got this empty ass feeling and I don't know if it's something or someone I'm missing. I could possibly be that I'm just letting small shit get to me like always. today was straight. got a fresh cut, worked out a little bit, and chilled until it was time for work. Never made it to the mall, though... damn. But umm yeah... really need my summer plans and vacations to come into play any given SUNDAY. the old shit is really starting to take toll on me. I guess Im still trying to adapt to letting shit go. Life is way too short to carry so much tension and stress. I have plans that must be carried out. the near future looks really good. Well until next time. Peace.

*God is Love*


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