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Monday, June 29, 2009

mid-day reflect.

sitting here at work. i woke up late last night, and i grabbed my phone and called shorty because she was on my mind, or whatever. Damn, maybe I just need a vacation from all this ish. if it aint one thing its another. sitting here switching contacts over from my phone to my Blackberry BOLD. yeah I had to get rid of T-Mobile, they be on some shit. But anyway I'm preparing myself for the fall and getting ready for what I AM SURE... will be a great year AT HU. These last few days I have focused more on the "family first" perspective. and i know everything will be str8. we all go thru certain things in life for a reason. and i strongly believe that God has a plan for all of us. and what's meant for us will be and what's not will pass us by. Life is way to short to consume yourself with stress and grief. rejoice and be happy, but most importantly thank the GOD above for all the things you have and are grateful for. AND tell the ones you love the most family or friend YOU love them as OFTEN as possible. well Im going to finish this day off at work at the other job and try to relax and try hit the gym later tonight lol. LOVE YALL. until, next time much peace and blessing. GOD IS LOVE. <3

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