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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Im back off that hiatus.

It's been a while, been very busy trying to work my regular and juggle other important "ish" over the summer. But, a lot of things took place over the last few weeks and I have come to realize two important things about life:

1. Its OK, to let friends and love ones close to you, but INDEPENDENCY is the best because when you fail you have no one to blame it on, but YOURSELF.

2. Never allow yourself to forget your purpose and where you belong. Consuming yourself with things or other people who intentions are not always clear or who have no purpose in your growth will result in instant failure.

Enough of that, some cool highlights I've had so far over the last few weeks, were spending time with close friends and working out. Yes trying to get this body tight again. That College 15 or whatever they call it, it's true people. Looking forward to the upcoming events of Summer of 09'. Trip to Los Cabos with the fam. Essence in Louisiana 4th of July weekend, followed by annual trip to the YAYO for Zo's Summer Groove 09' damn all back to back. I think I deserve it though. It's always good to treat yourself after hard work to relieve most of that bottled stress.

Now about my love life... <3 that good ole' fling... <3 I really don't get too mushy in public, but hey this has to be aired out. I recently ended my last relationship, and it felt soooooo good. At times, I miss her, but without that negative energy. I can truly say I have been better. People like that I call "silent haters" who seem like they are the only ones who have a purpose in this world and your suppose to agree and hang on to every word they say... and the moment you express your opinion... your in the wrong. But anyway people like that will soon learn no one likes a NOT IT ALL especially when a lot of times they don't even know what the fuck they talking about. Yeah she was NEXTED... it hurt but in that relationship I learned the true meaning of the wise words "never make someone a priority when they only make you an option."

Moving on to the second person in my so called "love- life". <3 that wishy washy type love... <3 Now this girl was somewhat special to me... I guess. She was smart, kind, soft spoken, and very much into me, from what I thought. Now, this is somewhat of an old friend we were together a while ago, and it didn't quit work out. But, everything deserves a second chance, but NEVER a third. No more moving backwards. You discover a lot of things about people the second time around, and lets just say I'm glad things worked out they way they did. and I'll leave it at that. i wish her the best and someday she will be great and will probably make some other dude feel like gold, JUST WON'T BE ME.

And there was a third... <3 all this time I thought this CHICK was a winner<3 . FINE, SMART, CULTURED etc. Was on her heels for a while, the time we spent together was utterly amazing and I do mean... just that. Her company and energy was sooo appreciated and NEEDED when everything fell forward with the previous relationships. But again, the more you are around a person, the more you will discover... And who I thought was my authentic "princess" turned into be the "opposite" of who and what I needed in my life. So it wasn't hard for me to let that go as well. As much as I wanted her and thought it would grow into something I needed in my life, I realized quickly not to invest anymore time and energy into this person. Had "NOT YOU" written all over it.

So, Im no longer looking, but like they always say when your not searching something good always fall right into your lap, and I'm wondering now if that has already happened. =)

Well far as love, that's as good as it gets at this point. Will keep you guys posted if anything changes. At this point, IM NOT auditioning for anyone new & definitely not moving backwards to anything or anyone old.

Stopped following the games after LJ was disqualified from the finals during playoffs. The Lakers for the win once again. Can't hate though, that boy, Kobe is a beast. Congrats! to Orlando for their hard work this season.

Everything seems to be falling into place, have so much productive things planned for the fall, and plan on being more serious about my career and education. I must continue to focus on what's important. Damn I Love this new shit I'm on.

Well that's the run down folks, until next time. Respect yourself and each other. God is love.

*p.s stay tuned for more posts that will be added very shortly.


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