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Monday, June 22, 2009

Fatal Metro Rail Accident in Washington, D.C. (my prayers are with these victims and their families.)

Six people were killed in a D.C Metro rail crash. The rush-hour collision on the busy Red Line injured dozens of people. Those killed include the operator of one train. It's the first fatal crash for the Metro train system since 1982. A rush-hour collision between two crowded trains on Washington's subway system killed at least six people this evening and injured dozens, trapping commuters in a stack of twisted rail cars that rescuers were still searching hours later. Witnesses say a train near the Ft. Totten station on the Metro's busy Red Line was rear-ended by another train, which climbed atop the stopped cars ahead of it, leaving a two-level snarl of debris. The operator of the approaching train, whose name was not immediately released, was among the dead, authorities said. Rescue workers propped up ladders to help survivors escape from the upper train cars. Seats from the smashed cars spilled out onto the track.

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