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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pimp My MAC.

Chris Brown recently known as "Lil Ike" 18- KT MacBook with Diamond encrusted Apple logo.

Who else but YAE!

"P" Showing APPLE some Luv 2. GOLD iPhone

Meet Kanye Ghost Blogger! (DAMN HOMMIE) LOL

I know you don’t really believe Kanye West updates his blog several times a day while chasing skirts and displaying his astounding ignorance all over the world? Hopefully you’re not that naive.

Sure Kanye wrote that one outburst on his blog, but no, he doesn’t find all those neat gadgets or post those videos and photos from the road. Someone else does all that for him.

That someone else is Marcus Troy, Kanye’s “Ghost Blogger” - a term Marcus coined to describe the service he provides for a few celebrity blogs. Remember those Huffington Post blogs that were supposedly written by Jermaine Dupri? Come on, you didn’t really think JD had that kind of smarts, did you?

If you ask Marcus whether he ghost writes for Kanye, of course he’ll deny it. Because that’s what ghost writers do: they stay in the cut while giving others the glory.

As Marcus explains it on his own blog:
“In the rap game if you don’t write your own lyrics (like Diddy) you hire a “Ghost Writer” to do your penmanship for you.” The reason why they say “ghost” is because this person’s identity is usually kept private and you can use their material and pass it off as your own and the real writer essentially remains a ghost (unless they get mad, and call you out).
Well, in blogging it’s the same concept. Celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton can travel the country doing guest appearances, radio shows, television interviews and the like all while his blog is being updated 24/7 due to ghosts like Marcus who do all the real work for no credit.

So drop Marcus a line and let him know his work on Kanye’s blog is appreciated. He won’t admit it, but he’ll thank you for it.

>>My turn<< Got the article above from some site while I was surfin' Kanye if you ghost blogging thats just not cool, if you write your own lyrics then you should write your own thoughts... Does that even make sense... IDK, but Im OUT. peace

JAY-Z + APPLE = record label

Looks like there might another major announcement at MacWorld. BGR says they've "confirmed" that Apple is launching a record label with Jay-Z, who's set to step down from Def Jam. Jay-Z and Jobs are both brilliant businessmen, and the move would make sense on a number of levels: The labels almost view iTunes as a competitor now, the industry landscape is rapidly transforming, and whoever finds the magic formula for a new kind of label/distribution firm stands to make a lot of money as they establish the new paradigm of the industry. And iTunes already is something like a label. This could be megaton big, if the rumor is true.

>>MY TURN<< Got this article somewhere online while I was surfin'. but THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! BLACK IS BACK!!! WE TAKING OVER!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Orange and Black Retro Air Jordans

If I find them, its a wrap.

MISHKA NYC Spring 2009 LookBack

Visit The Site:

YAE on the Cover of Details


Stephen Sprouse Inspired LV Spring/Summer 2009 Collection.

80's inspired pieces for the Spring. I can dig it... DOPE

Franck Muller Geneve

Conquistador Cortez Centre Second King 10000 CC SC D KING

In the 16th century, the Conquistadors sailed in search of El Dorado, the fabled country of gold. With the Cortez line, Franck Muller has sought to pay homage to a highly cultivated and most untypical conquistador. Unlike the violent stereotypes, Hernando Cortez had a different vision of the New World and its indigenous peoples, a vision in which the conquered and the conquerors would work together to build a new society

Franck Muller creations are known to be some of the most complicated wristwatches in the world. Wristwatch incorporating a Grande and Petite Sonnerie with 3 positions, a Minute Repeater, a Perpetual Calendar with retrograde monthly equation, 24-hour indicator, a split-second Chronograph with 60-minute timer, a flying Tourbillon, indicator of the internal temperature of the mechanism, power-reserve striking-mechanism, power-reserve movement.

(No the 10000 CC SC D KING does not look like the Michele Deco XL w/ Diamonds if you ask me)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drama Under the Umbrella.

So everybody's talking about the Chris Brown and Rihana issue. Now my take on it is, a man not going to hit a chick for no reason, scratch that you have some of those who will, but most of them went out in the 80s. (Ike Turner's) But, none the less you still have some lurking around corners every now and then watching for that perfect opportunity. We actually won't know the real truth only opinions and speculations until they go to court. BUT.. for the looks of it, she burned that boy, got hifey on him and he knocked her ass out. STRA8 ^

This is definitely nothing to joke about, but this is funny. BaHAHA!